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AA Waterproofing specializes in I-beam installation for foundation repair. I-beams provide stability and reinforcement to compromised foundations by distributing weight and supporting the structure. Their experienced team assesses the foundation, determines optimal placement, and uses hydraulic jacks to lift and secure the beams. Incorporating I-beams restores stability and prevents further damage, ensuring long-term integrity. Contact AA Waterproofing for reliable I-beam installation services.


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I-beams, also known as steel I-beams or steel support beams, are a crucial component in foundation repair that provides structural reinforcement and stability to compromised foundations. At AA Waterproofing, we specialize in I-beam installation as part of our comprehensive foundation repair services.

When foundations experience settling or structural issues, I-beams are utilized to distribute and transfer the weight of the structure, effectively supporting and leveling the foundation. These sturdy steel beams are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide long-lasting support.

Our experienced team begins by thoroughly assessing the foundation, identifying areas of concern and determining the appropriate placement of I-beams. We carefully analyze the load-bearing capacity and structural requirements to ensure optimal installation.

During the I-beam installation process, our skilled technicians expertly position the beams along the foundation walls, using hydraulic jacks to lift and stabilize the structure. The I-beams are securely fastened to the foundation, providing continuous support and preventing further settling or movement.

By incorporating I-beams into your foundation repair, you can effectively address structural issues, restore stability, and prevent further damage. I-beams offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the long-term integrity of your foundation.

At AA Waterproofing, we are committed to delivering high-quality I-beam installations as part of our foundation repair services. Trust our team of experts to provide reliable solutions that address your foundation’s specific needs, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Contact AA Waterproofing today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a stable and secure foundation with our professional I-beam installation services.

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